Jungly Jadoogar 2 - JJ Spoils the Party

Muslim Lifestyle Show, London Olympia


Jungly Jadoogar returns to strike terror in the magical land of Kohkaaf. She not only ruins Princess Gulfam’s surprise birthday party but also turns King Korma into a frog. Brothers, Gulloo and Billoo must travel to the valley of Shangri-lala to find the cure. With the help of swashbuckling Princess Gulfam, pizza loving Prince Jalfrezi, secret spying granny, Dadi 007 and her nephew Babu, the brothers must face three fantastical challenges. 

The dancing robots of Robotox City, choreographed by the fantastic team of Street Styles 4 All , the Ferryman of the Bambawali canal and the cricket loving Mulatni Mimes performed by the fantastic Richard Knight and Ellie Bannerman of Mime the Gap, each have a riddle that the brothers must solve before they are allowed through. Princess Gulfam and her friends help solve the riddle and reach the Fountain of Gulberg in Shangri-lala.

JJ 2 enjoyed the full participation of the audience to help solve the riddles. It was an absolute delight to see the involvement of children and adults alike.  It formed part of the Muslim Lifestyle Show 2017 at the Olympia London on 16 and 15th April.