Karachi Literature FestivalAlchemy Festival, Southbank Centre

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Podna and Podni

20th May 2017      Southbank Centre

Wagging Tongues Productions Ltd (“WTP”) proudly presents Jungly Jadoogar’s Story Time with Dadi  

Join Dadi 007 and her friends on their journey through Kohkaf, the land where stories come to life. 

Through the disciplines of drama, animation and costume design, the WTP team created a unique piece of immersive theatre based on the popular Pakistani folk tale 'Podna and Podni'.

Costume design by Louie Whitemore was inspired by the art of origami. The characters took on the role of animals in the story telling - a cat, an army of ants, a brood of chickens and dancing elephants -  the larger than life characters came to life from the animation created for the show specifically by Nicky Francis. The audience participated fully in deciding the fates of the characters.

In celebration of Pakistan’s 70th birthday the Karachi Literature Festival (“KLF”) was held in partnership with Bloomsbury Pakistan at the Southbank Centre, in collaboration with the Alchemy Festival.  Jungly Jadoogar was part of KLF.  Producer, Abid Majid comments, “The Karachi Literature Festival has been a leader in promoting writers and literary works in and from Pakistan, therefore we are delighted for this opportunity to promote Pakistani culture in the UK in association with KLF.”