Jungly Jadoogar


The Jungly Jadoogar Series

Wagging Tongues Productions Ltd presents Jungly Jadoogar, a journey through traditional South Asian fairy tales with a modern twist.  The theatre plays are set in the mystical land of Kohkaaf. 

:Koh'kaf  (Koh-e-Kaf)

A fantasy land in South Asian fairy tales, Koh, meaning mountain, referring to the Caucus's mountains, is believed to exist near Baghdad. It is a place hidden from the world, home to beautiful fairies (Pari), monstrous trolls (Deo), benevolent Kings and clever Princesses.

Jungly : Jung'ah'lee

Crazy. Mad. Wild. Uncontrollable . An absolute nightmare.

Jadoogar: J'ah'doo'gur

Sorcerer. Shaman. Magician. In our case a sorceress with a penchant for trouble. 

Writer, Mariam Majid, comments:

“Jungly Jadoogar birthed from the remnants of memories of Cassette Kahani and Alif Lailah, continues to inspire stories that harken back to our roots, attempting to recreate the sense of wonderment from our childhoods.”